Holiday Pop Up Shop in Somerville NJ!

Whew! The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! We are so excited to have opened up a Holiday Pop Up in our sister company’s design showroom in Somerville, NJ! And we will be even more excited if all goes well and we can turn it into a permanent retail space! We knew from the start of our online shop that we wanted to try a Pop Up shop at some point, because it’s a great way of “testing the waters” and seeing how a brick and mortar shop will do in general or in a particular area before setting down permanent roots.

Three Hearts Home Pop Up, Somerville, NJ

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response we have received and the amazing support we have felt from the Downtown Somerville Alliance, other business owners in the area, and the community as a whole. We have had countless guests tell us “this is exactly what Somerville needs!”, and we agree! It is really fun for us to be able to offer something unique in a such a vibrant community that is already home to so many interesting and diverse independent businesses.

We are also incredibly grateful to our sister company, Platinum Designs LLC, who already had so much of the space finished as a showroom. Their unique vision and attention to detail from top to bottom made it so easy for us to make the space feel welcoming, interesting and in line with our value of cultivating comfortable spaces with unique, high quality, and handcrafted elements. It is truly the perfect backdrop for the amazing products we carry by an incredibly talented group of local and global Makers.

We hope you will come see us if you are in the area! And if not, you know where to find us online. Here are a few shots of the shop in its first couple weeks, including some of our favorite details!

ThreeHarts Hom Pop Up Details

New Collection: Fall/Winter 2014

We were so excited to finally launch our Fall/Winter 2014 Collection last week! The timing seems thoroughly appropriate, as here in New Jersey fall seems to have really settled in, turning foliage bright shades of red and yellow, and encouraging forecasted temperature highs to drop ever lower. We’ve gotten our sweaters and scarves out, gone apple picking, and made our first few pots of soup.

With our new collection, we really focused on selecting unique products that (we think) round out our offering quite nicely. We added a new Pet Collection for our customers who share our love for animal companions. We have added a few special products for the upcoming holiday season. We got our Three Hearts Originals line up and running, and are continuing to develop and craft new products to add to it. And we put an emphasis on adding products that make great gifts.

As the seasons change and we start spending more time inside, we also wanted to offer a collection of products that brings elements of the natural world indoors. Our new collection includes handcrafted, 100% US sourced beeswax candles, Terrarium Kits that allow you to create your own, sweet little terrariums, and fun felted wool river rocks and felted wool acorn ornaments created with real acorn caps. And these are just a few of the lovely items we are offering with this new collection. We would love for you to check it out and tell us what you think!

Over the next few weeks we look forward to sharing a bit more about our new products and the Makers behind them. Wishing everyone a lovely week!

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Saturday DIY Roundup

I feel like DIYs were made for Saturdays. They’re fun, yet productive, and perfect for gathering with friends and doing something together. Here are a few DIYs we’d love to try ourselves…let us know if you try them, and how they come out!

1) DIY Succulent Wreaths on Uncovet

DIY Succulent Wreath on Uncovet

DIY Succulent Wreath featuring Willow & Jade's Veronica on Uncovetimages via

These succulent wreaths are just breathtaking! This is one of those DIYs that is sure to impress house guests, who “ooh” and “aah” and ask where you got it. And you blush with pride and tell them you made it yourself. Be prepared for subtle requests disguised as innocent comments, e.g. “that would look AMAZING in my living room!” But hey, the holidays approach and these wreaths not only make stunning decor, but would surely be welcome (and very impressive) handmade gifts. Find the tutorial here, in addition to a link to purchase a completed wreath, for those who are not so DIY inclined.

2) DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Syrup by House of Earnest

DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Syrup by House of Earnest

DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Syrup by House of Earnestimages via

The long awaited Pumpkin Spice Latte season has finally arrived. But let me make a confession…brace yourselves, and please don’t judge too harshly…I’m not that big a fan of most pumpkin spice lattes.  There I said it. I know it’s all the rage this time of year, and it’s a first-cool(ish)-day-of-the-season tradition for many people. But I find a lot of places use a syrup that to me seems artificial and entirely too sweet. But I LOVE this idea for an all natural, DIY latte syrup, that you can alter to your taste. And you don’t even need a fancy espresso machine to enjoy it…I imagine a splash would be delicious in your morning cup of coffee! This one is definitely on our “make-it” list!

3) DIY Wooden Mosaic Wall Art by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Wooden Mosaic Wall Art by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Wooden Block Mosiac by A Beautiful Messimages via

This DIY is super impressive, but doesn’t require any special power tools to complete, unless you want to use your own wood scraps. Mandi at A Beautiful Mess shares a good source for finding the raw wood blocks, already cut and sanded, which significantly reduces the amount of elbow grease required for this project. But if you are ambitious and good with a saw and sander, I say go for it and use those scraps from your last home improvement project! Find their (as always) beautifully photographed and thoroughly explained step by step instructions here.


Now go MAKE SOMETHING! And have a wonderful weekend!



Spotlight: Vintage Glass

So I have a thing for glass. Milk glass, clear glass, green glass, you name it. I spend a LOT of time at antique stores, flea markets, thrift shops, and other gold mines of forgotten treasures, searching for gems for my own home and to share with you in the shop. At some point during most of these adventures, I wind up very reluctantly prying myself away from the glass aisle for fear our One of a Kind collection will turn into a “Mostly Glass, with a Few Other Things (Maybe)” collection.  I’ve done really well so far.

But sometimes, I just can’t resist.  We have several items in the shop now as evidence, and several more on the stock shelves, patiently awaiting their turn on the website.

I really love the Milk Glass Bud Vase (I mean common, it doesn’t even need a flower!), but my favorites are the Antique Medicine Bottles. I love the aqua hue and the bubbles in the glass that result from method used to make glass in the late 1800s when they were created.  They would make great bud vases for just a single stem, but would also be lovely just clustered together with a few other trinkets in a little vignette. Check out our One of a Kind Collection to see other vintage glass vases and serveware we currently have available.

Need some ideas on how to incorporate them into your home? Click on the images below for articles with some more inspiration!

Decorating with Antique and Vintage Glass | Apartment Therapy
Decorating with Antique and Vintage Glass | Apartment Therapy
Décor Crush: Vintage Glass Containers & How To Use Them  Source: Home Decor Ideas – Décor Crush: Vintage Glass Containers & How To Use Them
Décor Crush: Vintage Glass Containers & How To Use Them | Free People Blog

Get the Look: Amelie Inspired

I’m a sucker for movies with stunning cinematography.  Who isn’t though?  One of my favorites combines an enchanting story, whimsical characters, beautiful language, and a gorgeous color palette utilizing vibrant reds and greens. Directed by Jean-Pierre JeunetLe Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain is commonly referred to simply as “Amelie” in the US. Aside from giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart, the film gives me a new appreciation for the palette usually reserved for holiday decor.

Screenshots via

Haven’t seen the movie?  Find the trailer and select clips HERE…then be prepared to track down a copy of the film as soon as you possibly can.

If you like the look, check out these products, available in our shop.  We’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

Screen Printed "Swiss House" Tea Towel | Three Hearts Home
“Swiss House” Tea Towel, Designed and Hand Printed in New Mexico
Handblown Recycled Glass Tumblers | Three Hearts Home
Fair Trade, Handblown Recycled Glass Tumblers
"Burst" Pillow | Three Hearts Home
Fair Trade, Hand Woven and Hand Screen Printed Pillow | “Burst”
Vintage Anchor Hocking Pressed Glass Bowl | Three Hearts Home
Vintage Anchor Hocking Pressed Glass Bowl
1929 Book of Common Prayer | Three Hearts Home
1929 Book of Common Prayer
One of a Kind Mug by Anna White | Three Hearts Home
One of a Kind Mug by Anna White
"Flowers" Pillow in Red and White | Three Hearts Home
Fair Trade, Hand Woven and Hand Screen Printed Pillow | “Burst”
" Pointy" Hand Printed Wallpaper | Three Hearts Home
Hand Screen Printed Wallpaper | “Pointy”
Red Spine Hand Printed Wallpaper | Three Hearts Home
Hand Screen Printed Wallpaper | “Red Spine”


 Have a Great Weekend!

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making

Okay, you got me.  It was three weeks ago I shared a photo from my stamp making project on Instagram and hinted at a blog post coming “next week” with behind the scene photos of the process.  But better late than never, right?

It has been a busy few weeks around here!  Among other things, we have been working on starting our Etsy Shop (yay!), where we will be featuring the vintage and antique finds from our One of a Kind Collection.  We are also planning a new collection for Fall 2014, and have bookmarked a lot of amazing new products by both American and global artisans.

But let’s put the excuses aside and get to the story!  The inspiration for this project arose with wedding season.  We carry some really special, unique products that make amazing gifts for weddings and other special occasions. We give customers the option to create gift registries. We have even had customers email us in excitement about the products they plan to give as gifts.

And it took long enough, but it finally dawned on us that a piece of the puzzle was missing: Gift Wrapping! As soon as we came to this realization we knew that buying any old gift wrap just wouldn’t do.

I started brainstorming right away.  If you’ve had a chance to read our story, you may remember we are a family of Makers ourselves.  The Matriarch of this Maker family, my Mima, was an incredible artist, and had me and my sisters experimenting with painting, silkscreening, block printing and more from early ages.

You will surely hear more about her in the future, but all that to say, I was happy to have a push to play with a medium that I learned from her so many years ago.  So I raided the boxes upon boxes of supplies we have inherited from her studio, and went out and bought some new Speedball “Speedy-Carve” Rubber Blocks.  They are easier to cut than linoleum, for when you’re just getting back into the game, and also perfect making rubber stamps.

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Home

Among the things I scavenged from our supply closet were two fish stamps Mima made, a few cross-sections of bones she had used for printing, a small square stamp, a cork, and an unused rubber eraser.  Rubber erasers are also great for cutting small stamps, so I picked up a few more myself.

Like most projects, it’s best to start with a few sketches:

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Blog

I started with the smallest design, and changed it a bit to make it simpler.  Then I drew the pattern on my rubber stamp and got out my linoleum cutters and handle (find a set here).

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Blog

And here we go! With relief printing, you cut away the parts you do not want to print. I started by using the No. 6 blade, which is a knife versus a gouge, to remove the rubber around the edges.  Then I switched to a medium sized gouge to dig out the spaces around my pattern, always being careful to rotate my piece so that I was pushing the blade away from myself. With just a few very careful cuts, my first stamp was finished.

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Blog

Next I moved on to a more detailed design: the feather.  For this one I used the piece of Easy-Carve rubber I bought, and started by using scissors to cut a piece of the 4×6 block that was appropriate for the size of my design.  Then, like before, I drew my design onto the stamp. There are also ways to transfer printed designs onto the rubber blocks, if you aren’t comfortable drawing them on yourself.

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Home

Now we begin cutting!  I typically start by cutting around the edges of my design, and then move on to more detailed cutting.  This feather has some pretty delicate lines, so the very fine gouge you see in the photo below came in handy!

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Home

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Home

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Home

Finally, I used scissors to cut off the extra rubber on the edges.  Ideally I would have cut my original piece a bit smaller, leaving just a little room on either side so as not to waste any of the block.

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Home

The last stamp I made required a little more thought.  I wanted to do a hexagon shape, so the drawing I made on the block needed to be more precise and warranted scrounging around my office space for a ruler.  I followed the same basic process for this stamp as well–drawing my design, and cutting away the rubber around it, and trimming around the edges with scissors.

  Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Blog

I have to admit, I took a moment to admire the mess the project left behind.  I just love all the little pieces, varying in thickness depending on which gouge I used.  And yes…I know that’s a little crazy, but you all don’t mind, do you?

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Home

So between the objects and stamps I found in Mima’s stash, and the three new ones I made, I have a lot to work with for the wrapping paper design! Over the past couple of weeks I have been playing with them using white paint on recycled kraft paper.  I can’t wait to share the results and add the gift wrap option to the shop.  I would love to hear which design is your favorite in the comments!

Behind the Scenes: Stamp Making | Three Hearts Home

Color Love 8.4.14

Good morning, Monday!  I have faith that you will usher in a lovely, productive week!

We are starting it off right by sharing a Guest Post we contributed to Rhiannon’s Interiors design blog.  Rhiannon is an LA based designer and blogger, and we were very happy to work with her!  Check out her blog for lots of great design tips.  Today we shared a Color Love post inspired by a seaside sunrise at Hilton Head.  Like the palette from our last Color Love post, it highlights muted tones that work well with simple, clean design, but this time offers a really lovely mix of warm and cool tones.

Color Love 8.4.14 | Three Hearts Blog

Here is a little peek at a few of the interiors we shared using a similar palette.  Be sure to check out the full article on Rhiannon’s blog for more!

Color Love 8.4.14 | Three Hearts Blog

Color Love 8.4.14 | Three Hearts Blog

New One of a Kind Items!

Spent some time photographing and uploading several new vintage and antique items to the shop today!  Incorporating preloved items is one of our favorite ways of decorating in a way that is both environmentally friendly and unique.  And we love the thrill of the hunt!  Hope you enjoy what we have found.  Be quick to snatch up anything you really love…there is only one available of each item!

Vintage Brass Duck | Three Hearts Home
Vintage Brass Duck


Vintage Vanity Tray | Three Hearts Home
Vintage Silver Plated Copper Vanity Tray


Vintage 1970s French Decanter Set | Three Hearts Home
1970s French Decanter Set


Art Deco Mirror Vanity Tray | Three Hearts Home
Art Deco Mirror Vanity Tray


Midcentury Vintage Swingline Stapler | Three Hearts Home
Midcentury Vintage Swingline Stapler


Navajo Weaver Doll | Three Hearts Home
Navajo Weaver Doll


Late 1800s Medicine Bottles | Three Hearts Home
Late 1800s Medicine Bottles

Link Love 7.11.14

It’s Friday again already!  The week has flown by around here. We got word Tuesday afternoon that there was a spot for us at a local Farmer’s Market (at the incredibly cool Stangl Factory in Flemington, NJ), so we have been busy bees getting ready for our very first Pop Up!  I’m looking forward to sharing a little behind the scenes look at the process next week.  For now I have a round up of links for you to peruse as you enjoy your weekend!

Link Love 7.11.14 | Three Hearts Blog

1) Vintage Home Tour // Style Me Pretty Living features the home of designer Jill Bent, as photographed by Joyelle West.  Also find this home tour on Joyelle’s blog (which I highly recommend) Cloud and Day

2) New Bohemian Animal Homies // Justina Blakeney shares some shots of the animal residents of homes featured in her new book

3) Blueberry and Yogurt Cake // Gorgeous images of blueberry picking and cake making by Cannelle et Vanille

4) Vintage Chair Makeover // Mandi at Vintage Revivals gives an overlooked vintage chair some much needed and well deserved attention

5) Inspiration #306 // A lovely (as always) collection of interior inspiration by Blood & Champagne

6) Farmhouse Jam Summer Cocktail // A how-to for a visually stunning summer cocktail by A Pair & A Spare

Happy Friday!

Color Love 7.3.14

These days I am so torn between two major design trends.  I love bold colors, global style, and lots of mixed prints/patterns/textures.  But I also love the trend toward simple, clean design with subtle, often neutral colors, little clutter, and natural accents.  This color palette is inspired by the latter trend.  I took this shot on a walk through my old neighborhood in Nashville, TN.  I was struck by the way the cool, neutral tones of the church building were accented by the blue sky, and actually picked up some of its hue. Color Love 7.3.14 | Three Hearts Blog To further inspire you, here are some images of similar palettes used in real life design!  What do you think?

Cool Neutrals, Simple Aesthetic
Cool Neutrals, Simple Aesthetic
Cool Neutrals, Simple Aesthetic
Cool neutrals, simple aesthetic
Cool Neutrals, Simple Aesthetic
Cool Neutrals, Simple Aesthetic
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