Good Reading for Good Friday

As the Creative Manager for Three Hearts Home, one of my responsibilities is finding inspiration.  Inspiration for new products, for new lines, and most importantly, inspiration for the lifestyle that our mission calls for.  It calls for living simply and sustainably, for prioritizing quality over quantity and relationships over ‘stuff’, for supporting the artists and creatives in our local and global communities, and in doing so, creating a home that is fabulously unique, and resounds with the heartbeats of the Makers that are part of it.  That’s a big task!  And I love it.

So to fuel our own inspiration, and to pass that inspiration on to our customers, fans, and followers, I have the oh-so-burdensome [not] task of keeping up with fellow bloggers.  Since the ripe old age of 3 I have been a voracious reader so naturally, I am always adding to the list of blogs I follow.  And I figured, for this Good Friday, when many folks have the opportunity to stay home and relax, I would share some good reading.  These blogs are both new to me, but I am in love already!  Maybe next time I will share some of my longtime go-to blogs.  For now, take a look, read, relax, and have a lovely Easter weekend!


I absolutely love the style and aesthetic behind Pen & Peplum’s blog.  Blogger/Maker Miranti’s short bio on the blog describes her as A girl, a paper + stationery studio. A place where a love of beautiful spaces, design, musings, and simple living come together to hang out. Lots of tea in between.”   Perhaps I have a soul-sister in Sydney I never knew about!  And while you’re checking out her beautiful blog, check out her equally beautiful stationery shop:


I have always been a sucker for a good food blog.  But it’s not super often you find a food blog with “have-to-go-to-the-grocery-store-this-instant-to-buy-ingredients” recipes, AND stunning photography, AND the kind of writing that seems to sing to you.  I highly recommend taking a look…and doing so at a time when it will be okay that you realize an hour later you’re still reading.


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